optic modem(bridge,
|—- mercury switch(
x        |     |
x        |     |—-laptop1(PPPOE enabled)
x        |
x        |——–  dlink wireless router(, dhcp enabled, PPPOE enabled, router mode)
x                      |
x                      |—laptop0

laptop0 can use packetx vpn, while laptop1 can get public IP addr


  1. running pptp vpn on laptop0 will meet this error
    Jan 27 08:05:49 computer0OfGod pptp[7711]: anon log[decaps_gre:pptp_gre.c:414]: buffering packet 582 (expecting 573, lost or reordered)
    ping sina.com is ok, while accessing it with chrome will hang
  2. the pptp vpn seems to be working only when the optic modem works in router mode
    I am not sure if there are some parms which can be configured in optic modem|mercury switch|dlink wireless router to make pptp vpn work when there is a switch or router between optic modem and laptop0