The way is to create a usb boot key with lili usb, and boot laptop with the key,and follow normal steps;I choose installing grub to /dev/sdb,and this cause a problem of not being able to entering win8 anymore。I found no way to boot win8 by grub,so I made a hard decision here to reinstall ubuntu with “erase the harddisk”。Then my win8 is lost。

There is no chance to choose “alongside” option anymore。

Another better solution is to find way to boot win8 and ubuntu from uefi enabling grub。However,this is the try when I asked sony support to recover my win8。


Instaead of installing win8, I try installing win7 to svf15.

the first step is to create a usb stick which can enter win7 installation interface

using rufus is a choice.

the disk of size 64G it creates can not be recognized by SVF15316SCB as bootable disk on a USB 3.0 port.

The workaround is to create a smaller partition, say 14G, and follow this step. But a new problem happened, it was stuck at “starting windows”.

Sound that installing win7 to svf15 is not feasible. BTW, usb-creator-gtk of Ubuntu has no such partition size limit, but it does not support win7 and only support linux OS instead.

So a USB 2.0 port should be used. But the problem of “starting windows” being stuck is still there.

To isolate the reason why stuck problem happen, some experiments can be done, and there are some cominations:

Boot Mode Target OS USB Stick Boot Partition HD Boot Partition Result
Legacy x86 GPT Invalid
Legacy x86 MBR require MBR disk No Stuck
UEFI x86 MBR Invalid
UEFI x86 GPT Invalid
Legacy x64 GPT Invalid
Legacy x64 MBR require MBR disk No Stuck
UEFI x64 MBR Stuck
UEFI x64 GPT Stuck

The Stuck problem may cause for:

  1. “error: efidisk read error” when grub is running.
    It is not the real cause, see point 2 below.
  2. the win7 iso image does not support SVF15316SCB
    Indeed, win8.1 does not experience such issue.

It take some efforts to install both win8 and ubuntu alongside, using boot-repair to restore grub2 and add win8 entry. However, after entering win8, the grub2 menu disappear and system directly boot into win8. What happen and how to solve it? refer this:
The point is check “Backup and rename EFI files”.