move pieces to the battle field of enemy in fast speed, do not fight in your home

  • what kinds of pieces? heavy weapons

maximize your move’s effect

  • attacking enemy
  • protecting other pieces, it is a game of collaboration(or cooperation) among pieces

consider moving pieces with annihilating enemy’s resources(higher to lower)

resources are for your use, so losses are inevitable, but must be in exchange of enemy’s losses(ur less is great)

u are the one, not the pieces

when u are being attacked(checked), u can attack the opponent too. The opponent has weakness too.

Doing what u plan has higher priority than being planned by your enemy passively.(So what is your plan?)

When ur move has the effect of attacking enemy resources or even check enemy, so the enemy must stop his plan to response to it. This kind of move is a special one. In chess it is called offensive move, and the player must make such moves as many as possible, and make full use of them.

If u have a plan, then more possibly ur enemy also has his plan. How can u know ur enemy’s plan?

When game begins, the opponent and u has equal resources, but when game completes, either u win the opponent or the opponent defeats u. Why? The program of u and the opponent are different. The capabilities to scheduling the pieces are not the same. Either has competitive advantage over the other. So, that is the game. Either program will survive.

Local or partial advantage is sometimes competitive over global advantage.
We can also say global advantage is sometimes competitive over local or partial advantage. U must move to at least one advantage, either local or global advantage. U can win easily if u earn both.

It is a typical two player game. And two player game follows similar strategy.


  1. 2014/04/04 – how about writing a chinese chess software?
  2. 2014/04/04 – attack has a higher priority than defense.