1. json parser
    在www.json.org里,可以找到各种json parser,包括bash的http://kmkeen.com/jshon/
  2. speed up android emulator
    various ways, some verified by me, including:
    -cpu-delay 0 -no-boot-anim
    odex /system/framework
    may try emulator x86 image
  3. nc
    使用echo help|nc localhost 5554可以在连接之后执行help命令,不需要交互
  4. search in column 1, speed is an awk variable, i is a bash variable
    awk ‘{if($1==speed) {print $0}}’ /tmp/file speed="$i"
  5. ro.build.display.id=GROMç»â<80><9e>_ï½Å<93>Ã¥â<80> ·æÅ<93>Ë<86>ââ<80>¢Â®Ã¦Â­Â»Ã©Â¬Â¼_IMM76D.UH31_增强æ±â<80>°Ã¥Å<92>â<80>?^C可使android启动failure
  6. local used in a function
    function f1 {
    a=`ls b.o`
    echo $?
    $? is 0 if b.0 exists; else $? is 1
    function f2 {
    local a=`ls b.0`
    echo $?
    $? is always 0
  7. vim
    1. You can run :scriptnames to get a list of sourced scripts in order in which they were first sourced in your Vim instance.
    2. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4608161/copy-text-out-of-vim-with-set-mouse-a-enabled
    3. remove tabs
  8. How to restrict a program to run in windows?