android usb connections worked in 3 modes:

  1. usb mass storage
    in this mode, u can treat usb stroage as a windows drive, and copy files between phone and pc
  2. application debug
    in this mode,  u can debug android application using adb etc
  3. normal mode
    in this mode, a normal client like samsung kies, moto mediia link or wandoujia can syn contacts, pics etc between phone and pc.

If u get a message “connect you phone in Samsung Kies Mode”, pls put ur I9100 in the 3rd mode,  which means do below items:

  1. settings-application-development-debug   off
  2. settings-wirless&network-usb                     off

This is a normal sense for an android guy, special for a moto android user. But sometimes when u are full of others, it may be lost in ur mind.