There are 2 ways to share connections between android phone and laptop.

    1. laptop—>android
      usb tethering or wifi tethering is for this scenario
    2. android—>laptop
      Virtual Router or Connectify is for this scenario
      virtual router有时会遇到“Virtual Router could not be started!”问题,这个问题似乎现在并没有很好的解决方法;(仅当internet连接是adsl拨号连接时)

VirtualRouter使用过程中,有时工作不稳定,而且会导致不能正常关机;当系统中存在多网卡(虚拟或real)时,它似乎会搞乱这些网卡mac,个人曾经遇到过VirtualWiFi adapter的mac被装配到本地realtek adapter上的情形,从而导致realtek不能从dhcp获得IP。

Other interesting apks:

  1. androidVNC
    a vnc client running on android phone, can connect to realvnc server etc
  2. droid VNC Server
    a vnc server running on android phone, after running it, u can see your phone screen with pc browser like IE/Firefox etc, or with realvnc client
  3. PocketCloud
    Similar to androidVNC, but has advance features, waiting to be play
  4. xvnc
    a X server and vnc server running on android phone;
    after being started, we can not only access the phone by vnc clients, but also we can display x11 applications on the phone.


  1. setup hosted network