Just a restrospective.

After 1.5 years’ android development, here is a retrospective on this expreience.

In a word, it is a experience of following. What are followed?

Follow speaking with words of Activity, Camera, Button, layout and something like that.

Not much my own things are invented in this phase.

So what is the definition of your own things? There is not a clear answer to it till now.


The characteristics of routine job this phase:

  1. A problem is met during a development
  2. In eclipse Debug tab, some problems keywords are seen and searched in this site
    1st level site:  developer.android.com
  3. 2nd level site: http://stackoverflow.com, www.anddev.org, forum.xda-developers.com
    3rd level site: google.com.hk

  4. answers or sample projects are found
    codes are copied from them, and retested

The above 3 steps are repeated day and day, month and month, until problems are solved.