1. download kqemu and qemu
    kqemu only worked on qemu release below and equal to 0.11, so download qemu 0.11.1 here http://homepage3.nifty.com/takeda-toshiya/qemu/qemu-0.11.1-windows.zip
    Per above picture, we also need to download kqemu-1.4.0pre1, here it is.http://www.qemu.org/kqemu-1.4.0pre1.tar.gz
  2. install kqemu
    extract kqemu to a directory, say D:迅雷下载kqemu-1.4.0pre1
    2 files will be seen: kqemu.inf and kqemu.sys.  Right click kqemu.info and select 安装
    Then kqemu will be installed on ur windows. That is an interesting way to install a program…
  3. start kqemu
    run “net start kqemu” and expectfully u will get something like this
  4. start qemu guest os with this option “-kernel-kqemu”

    D:Program Filesqemu-0.11.1-windows>qemu -L . -cdrom f:Ubuntuubuntu-8.04.3-desktop-i386.iso -hda ..qemu-0.12.2-windo
    wshda.img -m 512 -boot c -kernel-kqemu
    Hopefully, ur ubuntu guest os will be brought to the login interface within 1 min, that is crazily faster than without this option.

  5. how to know whehter a qemu is run with kqemu enabled
    in ur guest os window, pressed ctrl+alt+2 to switch to QEMU Monitor and run “info kqemu”
  6. But I have a Question
    from http://www.qemu.org/user-doc.html, it is officially said that kqemu is obsolete for qemu release 0.12. Why? Anyway, it is not stated that kqemu will not be supported in future release bigger than 0.12. Is there a new and powerfuly in replacement with kqemu?